September 23, 2011

Outed by a Curriculum?

Readers who have been around for a while may remember that I came to live in a blended family in my very late teens.  By then, I was reaching my peak of hirsute awesomeness, and not about to let these virtual strangers in on my secret.  I didn't know if I could trust them, and thank goodness, because one of them could certainly not be trusted.  After she moved out, however, there was still some concern about what would happen if I let people in on this oh-so-embarrassing part of me.

And it hasn't been easy to hide it.  The odd places I keep razors outside of the shower, the plethora of shaving mediums under the sink, the doctors visits, the very obvious prescription refill runs...  Maybe that only seems obvious to those of us who know what the clues add up to, but I still worry and keep things to myself.

My step-sister started her accelerated course in pharmacy tech, and the stuff she tells me she's learning is so fascinating.  There's a lot of memorization, and she's working hard using many different techniques to make all the drug names stick in her head.  The other day,  I walked past the whiteboard she's using, and my eyes were drawn to something written there.  The very familiar word "spironolactone."  I am so used to seeing that word now that I almost didn't stop to think about it.

But I glanced up and down the whiteboard, trying to get the context around this unprecedented appearance of my magic-pill-for-hairiness.  She was listing diuretics.  Of course.  The on-label use for the medication.  Not likely she'd be studying the non-FDA-approved uses just yet... right?

Also of interest was last, when the two of us were chatting with some friends, and everyone was coming up with humorous ways to help her study.  And she gestured at me and said, completely casually, "Maybe it'd help if she told me what medications she was taking..."

Over the years, I've worried less and less about what my cohabitants know about me.  But I'm so used to hiding it I do it now by reflex.  I'm still scared of what might happen if they know.  But that's another entry.  For now, I just thought it was pretty comical that she might clue in through such a totally independent means.

Now, I know I've got some comments and emails and notifications waiting for me, but I'm trying to stave off a migraine so I'll have to get to those later.  Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine :( We're patient, do not worry, just look after yourself!

"Maybe it'd help if she told me what medications she was taking..." - I keep reading this sentence over and over. Its got so much simplicity and complication in it at the same time, it's kinda ironic...

I had a "disaster" come up in my tarot reading and being me, I started going through all worst case scenarios... The cards mentioned that it's about a secret I have been trying to hide, that it's going to come out. Well, there aren't many secrets I have... So, among other disaster options, I imagined my whole universe of colleagues, neighbours, family and friends (erhm) finding out about The Problem. I am still surprised by my recation - I laughed it off. I really did. In between everybody I know dying or people I care for getting hurt, or even the collapse of my town (yeah, I have rich imagination), the accidental coming out seemed pretty bleak. I kept thinking: "so what? bring it on, baby!". It's like I subconsciously want it to happen... ???? Weird...
So yeah, if your step-sister wants a trip to a certain liberal country, and stay in my place - she can! Only tell her to bring all her study helps with her ;))


Allerleirah said...


Doesn't sound like much of a disaster for you at all then. :) That's the spirit!