September 26, 2011

Yet Another Small Triumph


I am packing for my trip.

And I realized.

I can pack any dang shirt I want.

This is pretty wonderful.  Until now, when I've packed a suitcase, it's always a well-agonized plan of how often my chest will react kindly to being shaved during the length of the trip.  I tend to assume that I will shave the first morning at destination, then give my chest a day off, shave again the third morning, and so on, giving myself an extra high-collared shirt or two just in case I break out in an angry rash from too much hair removal.

Now that I'm not shaving my chest thanks to the Spiro, only plucking any dark hairs I see, I don't have to worry about that.  I can pack all pretty shirts if I want to!  Not that I ever hope to be bathing-suit worthy, but this small improvement is a huge boon.  I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

This is PRETTY wonderful, yeah! :)))))
Here's to any dang shirt! :)


Allerleirah said...

Any dang shirt! \o/ YEAH! I am going to wear all the things...