December 22, 2009

Previous Shaving Mediums

Another thing I've never really touched on before is the shaving media I used in the early days. There isn't much to say about that, though. In recollection, all products seemed to be the same.

When I first started shaving my face, I was on a trip, so I had afforded myself the luxury of a can of shaving gel simply for convenience. But, I couldn't always justify the expense when my glycerin soap foamed up so well. As a shaving medium, it's always been okay--better than other kinds of soaps, certainly. But I could tell from the stinging and drying that if I was going to stick with shaving my face, it would be better to splurge.

Body washes were the same, so it seemed at the time that my only choices were the fruity and flowery creams on the grocery store's shelf for women's shaving products. There was never much to choose from. Different flavors, same companies. At the time, I preferred Skintimate's scents, and often I had a coupon. Their "Signature Scents" were quite nice on the olfactory senses, and the results were no different than their sensitive formula.

When I didn't have a coupon, the store's brand worked just as well, and when Gillette had a sale on their Women's Satin Care line, I ended up with three cans to work through. In fact, I still have one I haven't completely used up yet. I've been busy straying to the men's shelves and other forms of shaving aids.

All I really have to say is that so far, most shaving gels seem to have the same results, regardless of intended gender, brand, scent, or special additives. Extended use just dries out my face, and one type doesn't protect against redness, irritation, or nicks better than another. That's why, while they are an improvement on plain ol' soap suds, I am still searching for something better.

You can see my thoughts on particular shaving mediums I've used since I started this blog:
More are waiting to be tested.

I do hear and see the recommendation to use hair conditioner often. I quite like it for my legs--it feels similar to using mineral oil both during and after, but leaves less residue in the shower. But I don't know if I'd use it on my face. It might cause other issues--I know acne authorities recommend making sure you wash any conditioner thoroughly off your back. I probably won't be experimenting with that one.

Any shavers out there have a favorite medium?

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