April 13, 2013

Vlog: Third Treatment

Treatment number three was kind of business-as-usual.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed more hair growing in on my chin, so hopefully the laser got all that.

Lately I haven't been feeling too well--I just reached the deadline on a huge project and the lack of sleep left me open to infection I guess, so I've been run-down and sniffly and fatigued.  So I didn't ask the technician too much, I'm not sure if the laser intensity went up again, or anything else I wanted to know about.

I didn't even feel too positive after the treatment was over, because the one thing I asked was whether people who go through the initial 5-6 treatments have to come back for touch-ups forever.  The answer was "yes."  And I think it was "yes" because she was thinking of people with hormonal vulnerability, whose skin is going to be constantly bombarded with hormones.  But if you've got pills to help with that, do you still have to have laser treatments in perpetuity?  Why is it said that laser hair removal can be permanent?  And why does the technician think the effects of my old laser treatments are still helping?  I'm rather confused, and because I'm also sick, it's making me a little sad.

But it's not a mood that will last, I know.  I'm looking forward to this new growth falling out anyway, and now I've been recommended Vaniqa so I have something new to seriously think about.  I've never paid it much mind before because it doesn't get rid of hair, it just slows it down, and my sights have always been on getting rid of the hair.  The technician has tried it herself and she thinks it might be worth it for me--it might mean laser hair removal treatments spaced farther apart.  But I know it has some side-effects like break-outs and redness and irritation, and my skin is doing so well right now with less hair and gentler shaving.

Here's the video itself, and don't worry about my low energy.  I'm already getting much more sleep so I'll be feeling better soon!


Anu said...

Dear Al,
I somehow like to call you by this name.. Hairs in the cleavage, damn, they are the most horrible thing in the world, and i know the pain, since, i too have them.. I feel extremely bad about it at times, but then, do I have an option ? No ! Although i'm fighting against it but then.. Ah leave it...
It was nice to see your update...
Please dont feel that bad.. U are a courageous lady Al.. See what all new have you started.. Everybody knows about hirsutism in a much better way now..
I'll suggest you to read a book.. It may, I insist, may, solve your problems.. !
"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne..
And please let me know if you felt good after reading it !
God bless !

Amelia said...

You are just so pretty.

Allerleirah said...

Thank you, Amelia. I feel awfully vulnerable doing these videos so that's very sweet of you. :)

Allerleirah said...

Anu - I'm sorry, I don't know how your comment slipped through my moderation.

Don't worry, the low moods never stay. It's true, we no choice but to deal with what we've been given. But we do have a choice about how we can deal with it!

Thank you for the recommendation, I've never heard of that book. I'll have a look at it!