March 26, 2013

Update on Second Laser Treatment

Nothing's happened that is worthy of making a vlog.  There haven’t been any huge shedding “events” this time around.  Starting the day after the laser treatment I usually lost a couple of hairs a day.  Impatient, I started gently pulling with tweezers to see if any were ready to let go, and a lot of them were.  I still have some stubborn areas on the sides of my chin, but I never had the guts to imagine that I would ever come so far as to only have to shave my chin every morning.  It feels quite miraculous.

The picture is some hyper-pigmentation I noticed a day or two after the session.  I was told it could be a possible side-effect but I didn’t really know what to look for because, to me, they just look like dark freckles... or food on your face.  ;)  They faded within the first couple of weeks. 

I do have a few dark hairs still growing along my jaw, but I trim those instead of shaving the areas completely.  This has allowed all the blond vellus hair we all normally have to grow back, and it is... weird.  When you’re hirsute, I think it is so much easier to be ashamed of all your body hair, normal and abnormal.  I catch sight of it in the sunlight when I look in the mirror in the morning, and a part of me is thrilled to see it, while another part still wishes to hide it.  The emotions are proving to be more difficult to change than the physical symptoms of being hirsute.

But despite the self consciousness that is going to take a while to leave behind, every morning is exciting, because the process of hiding my hair is far less stressful.  I can keep my shave gentle, which means I have less redness to cover up.  In fact, I haven’t had much opportunity to take a picture of what is left on my chin because I don’t have to give my face a break from shaving.

I’m still trying to learn all I can about hair growth in general and how six sessions of laser hair removal could have worked, yet afterward still allow me to grow a full beard.    This is the current mystery, and I hope to find a way to make sense of my experience, for myself and for you guys.

Also, I really want to thank you all for your patience!  Between the psychological turmoil of the laser treatments, a huge year-long project coming to its conclusion, and all the amazing messages I've been receiving from ladies who have stumbled upon the vlog, it's been extra difficult coming up with relevant posts for the blog right now.  Even keeping up with all the notes and questions has been a challenge--but a happy one!  :)


Mo said...

The hair will eventually start to shed on it's own again. It's quite possible that the ones that didn't shed much were in a different growth stage but they will fall out on their own eventually. I have hirsutism too and I'm the hairiest woman I know! When I had laser treatments, the hair started to shed after the third visit. Eventually I was hair free after my treatments... Then the hair returned! I failed to maintain touch up treatments after my initial sessions because it was too darn expensive! So don't worry the hair will fall out on its own.

Anu said...

You have been a role model for us all as far as patience is concerned in regard of hirsutism.. The sunlight phenomenon, it happens to me as well, every morning but the moment i leave home and i cnt see my hairs that often, i start to feel nice. It is a difficult thing to face, i know.. bt there are far more difficult things out there, that people are facing. We atleast, have a solution whether in terms of medicines, lasers or electrolysis..
Isnt that true.. ? Isnt that a reason enough for us to be happy with ourselves, the way we are :)
God bless !

Anu said...

Dear Al,
Wanted to share a news with you...
I had a few stray hairs under my chin which always made me uncomfortable (although they appeared a year before). I started off with diane and am still on it. My obgyn is very very clear that she wnt prescribe me any other medicine like spironolactone etc. Although i was disappointed at first but thn i accepted and respected her decision. I have body hairs, and they are still very much there but i've started to notice them less and hope for the best out of the treatment i'm being given.
Now, after much research and findings about electrolysis, i've finally started it off.
I'm seeing a lady who has 35 years experience, the only problem, she only does thermolysis (short wave diathermy). She said, it'll take me almost 10-15 sessions to get rid of the stray hairs on my chin (4-6 dark and coarse, 30 slightly longish and pigmented). It needs a lot of patience to wait for such a long time, but i'm hopful. Lets see, if it works.. ! You have been the reason for all the encouragement and patience while i was in the midst of turmoils.. So my heartfelt thanks to you Al !
God bless !

Allerleirah said...

Mo - Thank you! It is so great to hear another laser story!

Anu - It should be enough reason indeed!

That's wonderful if you are seeing results from the treatment. The small amount of androgen blocker in Diane might just be enough for you. And it's exciting that you're starting out on this electrolysis endeavor! I hope to hear about your success as time goes on.

Anu said...

Sure Al ! I'll keep you all updated.. !