January 19, 2013

Introducing: The Vlog!

Ladies, I am very excited about this.  I have decided to turn my laser hair removal adventure into a little video blog.

I'm also very nervous, because this brings a whole new intimacy to the blog.  However, I've been struck time and time again by the strength of the empathy and solidarity you feel when you watch someone share their experience.  I'd like to do be able to do that for someone else.

It also gives me another place to set up my soapbox about finding out why you're hirsute before getting laser hair removal done.  You all know how much I love telling people that.

This first video is about my consultation and it also covers some of the hirsutism basics; the things I wished I knew going into laser the first time.  To make sure I covered everything, I was working off a script so I'm just a tiny bit stiff (yes, I am always to some extent stiff).  And you may want to turn up your volume; I'm a soft talker.

And excuse the shameless cuteness exploitation.  I was dog-sitting and she simply has to sit in my lap when I work.  Usually she'll just sleep there, but when she interrupted me in the middle of my sentence, I realized it would probably be the only impromptu thing to happen in the video, so I kept it.

And for those of you who can't view the video, or don't wish to watch me talk (which I totally understand; I abhor watching me talk), the consultation went fine.  I was somewhat disappointed by their lack of knowledge, which was probably my fault for having such high expectations that the clinic (which is affiliated with the dermatologist who didn't test me for anything before sending me there, as I've mentioned) would have made advancements since I last came to them.  She didn't even try to look at my face to see the hair.  But it's costing me less than $100 per treatment, a big improvement on last time.

I booked my first treatment for next week, so there'll be another video following soon.  This vlog is going to be a big job, however, so expect blog posts to be a little more scarce while this is happening.  Hopefully this new media will make up for that.

If you guys have anything you'd like me to ask the laser technician, leave a comment!  I'll need something to keep my mind off the pain...


Anu said...

God ! You are so beautiful.. :) Without the hairs, how beautiful and ideal we look.. Same goes with me as well.. Your Vlog is certainly going to help many ladies like me who have been undergoing medical treatment and wish to remove the existing hairs with some other cosmetic procedures.. May I know, why arent you opting for electrolysis (Since you are an excellent researcher, you'll surely give a valid reason, which i wish to know)..
But I must say..
You are very beautiful :)

Allerleirah said...

Thank you. :) It's sad that we can't feel beautiful as we are, isn't it?

That is an awesome question, so I made sure to answer it in my latest vlog. But in a nutshell, laser is faster than electrolysis, covering an area rather than requiring one hair to be treated at a time. It is also more familiar to me, and I have seen it work, however temporarily. I would regret it if I never tried to find out what could happen if I had gone into it with knowledge and medication the first time.

Thanks for the question, Anu!