October 31, 2012

Hi, you're hairy too!

I found out who on my team at work was interested in the No!No! in April (see post).  I figured the topic would come up again eventually, or that maybe I’d notice some body hair on one of them.  But to tell you the truth, on the average day, I’d forget about it.  I never really looked.  So if one of my colleagues hadn’t asked me to untangle her necklace for her while she was wearing it, I never would have known for sure. 

I thought I’d seen a few hairs on her chin once before, but it was a passing glance as she sat next to me and I didn’t want to look again in case she noticed and felt self conscious.  But yesterday, because I had to keep my eyes on what I was doing (that chain was really tangled!) I could clearly see the combination of both coarse dark and coarse light hairs on her chin.  They were several days long, but blunt like they were usually cut. 

Finding someone else who might know what you’re going through is very exciting.  But then I wondered, does she?  She might have a more serious condition than I do.  She might have an even harder time with the situation than I do.  She’s much older than I, and is of an ethnicity to which such things are a little more common.  Her chin might be the only place she has it.  She might not be bothered by it nearly as much.  Would it be callous of me to just hop on the subject with a thrilled exclamation of, “Hey!  You have hair on your chin!  Me too!”?

I know I’d be unnerved, if it were me.  But then I’d be relieved and happy to have someone to talk to.  I might not even mind if it happened in front of the rest of the team.   But I cannot make that call for someone else.  There may be an opportunity to jump into a conversation about hair removal sometime in the future, since there’ve already been a couple.


mama said...

Hi there,

I've been dealing with extra hair all my life (even as young as 6 yo).

My facial hair isn't as coarse as yours, but I do shave every day and pluck about every 3rd or 4th day to keep the shadow from becoming too visible.

My worst areas are probably my arms and legs, though the hair all over my body is much darker and longer than normal.

I've been growing out my arm hair since it's winter, and also to see if the hormonal birth control I've been taking have had any effect:

I've also had my blood tested and it's come back in normal range, I haven't gone back to see if spiro would help anyways.

When I was younger, I was quite sensitive about my hair, but now it's more of a hassle to me.

I know our hirsutism is a bit different, but I'd love to have a friend that knows what it feels like. :) Please contact me if you'd like to chat!

Allerleirah said...

Thank you for reaching out and commenting, mama. No matter how the hair manifests, it can be distressing, can't it? It must have been tough to grow up being visibly different, but I'm glad to hear you've sort of grown accustomed to it.

If you're happy with your current treatment, there's probably no need for you to change. But on the other hand, you may find that an androgen blocker like Spiro would be helpful. A doctor with experience in this area should be able to help you decide. In the end it's all about what makes you happy in your own skin! :)