December 29, 2009

Simple Shaving Cream Recipe

Survived another blood test--I was up and out of there immediately, which is impressive for me. I guess practice makes perfect. Or at least makes you less of a ninny. I was only half an hour late for work, too, so there were no problems, once the clinics reopened after the holidays.

If there is anything about the results I should know, I'll get a phone call. Otherwise, my potassium levels are normal and the high testosterone is not being caused by my adrenals. If the results are towards the higher end, I have to go for a specific test at the hospital, injecting me with things to see how my adrenals react. This could be important to know for family planning purposes; the endo said that if both I and my husband (whomever he may turn out to be) carry this propensity for adrenal dysfunction, it could be much much worse in our children.

So we'll see.

Here's something cool!

From Planet Green:
Here's what you'll need:
1/2 teaspoon of sunflower oil
1/4 cup of unscented glycerin soap
Double boiler
A cup or mug for the cream
See the full article post here.

I originally discovered the link through LifeHacker. (Check out links to more shaving tips there. Extending the life of your blades with mineral oil, for instance, is something I'm trying right now.)

Something that saves money, is good for the environment, and lacking all the unpronounceable chemicals whose functions are totally unclear to me? Sounds great to me.

After all, I know oil gives a nice shave and glycerin is a gentle lubricant that helps the skin gain moisture. What more could you need for a shave? I'm going to give this a try sometime!

Some other recipes:
I love homemade stuff...

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