January 22, 2010

Cursing My Cell Phone

I'm certain when I checked my cell phone on my lunch break there were no calls. Yet when I left the office tonight, there was a voice mail on my phone. The endo had called me personally this morning to say the results of my latest blood work have made another test necessary--no whats or whys, she just left her cell phone number to call her back. (A doctor's cell phone number. She's awesome.)

The thing is, I discovered the message long after she would be available and have the test results with her. So now I must wait until Monday. I have no idea if she means I have to go for that specific adrenal test at the hospital or if I just need to retake another blood test. But I'm going to try to worry about that eventuality when it comes. Whatever needs to be done will get done, and there are worse things than a test or two. And at least I have an idea of the results anyway.

For now, there's nothing I can do. I am determined to have a great weekend--have lots of fun things planned!

I'll update on the results when I have them.

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Sophie said...

by worrying you wont change anything, so no point. let us know as soon as you've heard something, i'll be waiting.