January 19, 2010

Beautiful Beards

Something undeniably cheery this week. When it's usually so hard to live with a beard, it's important to learn to laugh about it sometimes.

I lurk on Etsy frequently, coveting gorgeous antiques and handmade stuff. It isn't rare to find something really unique there; I've come across bearded lady imagery before. But nothing fascinated me as much as Erin Dollar's handmade beards, which she models herself. It might seem a little strange at first--I mean, even I don't ever see myself in a full-grown beard--but then you see her smiling and showing off those brilliant colors, and it makes you grin.

And then I noticed she had a blog, where she posts bearded images made by herself and others. I love her attitude. I didn't see her once promote a beard because on men they were sexy or dignified or whathaveyou. She just celebrates them. Positive, enthusiastic, and adorable.

It's catching.

Visit her blog
Visit her store
See her interview on Beard of the Week

I bet I'd like my beard more if it was that color... ;P

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