July 14, 2009

Hello again.

In my last poll, I was wondering if I was talking enough about myself and should be looking into making more practical posts that other girls could use. No one voted that way, however, which surprised me. The thing with making more personal posts, though, is that there's a point where anonymity is at risk. I can rant about how body hair shouldn't matter, but I'm still victim to the desire to be normal and I'm embarrassed about what I go through. So there are going to be things I can't disclose, obviously.

But to introduce myself again, this time without the hairy facts, I was born and raised in Canada. I was an only child in a single parent home for most of that time, until college when for a time I lived in a step-family situation. Though the oldest, I am now the only one still living at home. But then, I'm also the only one with student loans, and the only one working part time while I try to start my own business, so I defy the normal embarrassment of that fact.

Allerleirah Trivia
- I often describe myself as shy, but a better word would be reserved. When I get comfortable, I get downright annoyingly loud.
- I am, in the general sense, a hypochondriac.
- I used to know how to play the piano.
- I don't have a driver's license.
- I have been to ten different countries.
- I was really into drama in high school. Being in the spotlight like that never bothered me for some reason.
- When I grew up, I wanted to be (among other things) an actress or a model. I once tried out for a modeling gig and got a call back.
- I have an undergraduate art degree, a fact I am most proud of, because I've never worked harder for anything in my life.

Least favorite things
Spiders, public toilets, needles and anything else to do with medicine, angry customers or any other unwarranted hostility, long winters, early mornings, overly crowded spaces, watching the news.

Most favorite things
Chocolate, horseback riding, long drives through the countryside, traveling somewhere new, a freshly made bed with lots of pillows, Jane Austen movies, roller coasters, Rock Band, book stores, Big Bang Theory, homemade soaps, Disneyland!

So that's a little bit more about me, beyond the hair.

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