July 21, 2009

Don't make me say it.

Allerleirah: "I think I'm going to start walking in the mornings. I'm tired of feeling like crap when I wake up."

Allerleirah's mother: "Oh, do you want some company?"

Allerleirah: "On the treadmill?"

Allerleirah's mother: (After some laughter) "...I thought we could walk outside."

Allerleirah: "I don't want to walk outside. I'd have to shave and I'd rather do that after I shower."

Allerleirah's mother: (Scrunching up her face) "I don't shave when I walk outside."

Allerleirah: (Always loathe to say "beard" out loud) "I don't. Want. To walk outside."

Allerleirah's mother: (Sighs like a kicked puppy)

Ugh. I guess I should feel glad that people who are familiar with me tend to forget my... limitations.


Sophie said...

hahaha!!! your Mum rocks!

you do realise that she forgets because she loves you regardless what you look like and for her you could run outside naked with all you've got there (well, not naked then ;) ) and she would still not care, I bet, as long as she could, for example, spend time walking outside with you :)

i told somebody from work about the "thing" last weekend (one in a century kind of event). i need to write about this on cysters. i need find timeeeeeee!!!!!

Allerleirah said...

Agh, get that vision out of my head, hee hee.

The fact the she forgets is as frustrating as it is flattering. That's probably because she forgets so completely that when I shy away from something, like walking with her, she takes it personally.

I absolutely want to hear about that! I look forward to you sharing it...

Sophie said...

what? the running naked bit? hehehe :)

I posted. It's not very interesting but telling somebody "normal" is such a big thing I needed to share it :)