February 11, 2013

Vlog: I'm Shedding!

I had to do a vlog update, because I am ridiculously excited about all the hairs falling out of my chin.  This is something that is supposed to happen, but has only happened to me once, in my final laser treatment eight years ago.  To experience this after the first treatment is a shock, and hopefully a promising precedent.

I also talk a bit about my downtime after the first treatment, which ended up being emotional, not physical.

The video contains new pictures of my chin post-shedding, as well as the washcloth, but as always, for those of you that can't or don't wish to view the video:

This was my washcloth from the day after the treatment.  Just a few hairs, but you can see how damaged they are.  We got 'em good!

The second photo is my washcloth from thirteen days later.  It is covered with little hairs with burned little bulbs at their bases from my chin and neck.  This was when I started to get excited.  A little too excited, as you'll see in the next picture.  I exfoliated my epidermis right off in places, trying to get as many hairs to shed as possible!

On the left you can see my chin sporting a couple of days' growth as per usual with the Spiro and Diane.  On the right is also with a couple of days' growth.  The hair you can still see is all that's left of the really coarse dark stuff right now.  These patches are not likely to shed as they are probably in the intermediate or resting phase of growth, which the laser cannot damage.  The hairs coming out on the washcloth were in the active growth phase, which tell me how many hair follicles we took out in that treatment.

Whether they'll stay out remains to be seen, but this is already beyond my expectations.  It absolutely had to be shared with you guys!  :)


Anu said...

Congratulations !
Thats so nice to see. Finally, the trouble is gonna be over, forever. I read somewhere that if you happen to experience shedding 10-15 days after your laser treatment, it is a signal that laser is gonna be promising for you..
I wish you luck.. !
And God bless you, for the good work you are doing.. :)

Callie Rrrrrrrrr said...

I'm on the same treatment as you and when I did my second laser treatment (almost a year ago), my chin looked like yours with the mostly no chin hair.
A year later without more treatments, my chin still looks like that. I am going to my third appointment in a month! :)

Allerleirah said...

Anu - Interesting! I don't suppose you remember where you read that, do you? Still, I'm cautious about saying it'll be gone forever. I was disappointed once before. :) We will just have to see!

Callie - Really? Hm, intriguing... not a result I would expect at all. This is totally new territory for me! But you'd think it'd take a few more hair cycles to get it all. My next appointment is next week, and I haven't noticed any new cycles cropping up, so I wonder what the laser technician will tell me?

Anu said...

I'm sorry but I dont suppose that I remember the source..
There is one thing that I wished to know, plz answer this only if u dont feel offended.. Bcz, I do, wen a Doctor does that for me. What is your FG score ?

Allerleirah said...

Oh well. It's something that's permanently in my mind now, anyway. :)

I've never answered that question before! What's more, I have never even asked for my Ferriman-Gallwey score. Nor did I ever get the impression that any of the doctors I saw were rating me on it. If I were to rate myself, I'd say I was about a 17 before I started taking medication. Now I'm holding steady at about a 9... or less, if laser works.

I have posted "before" photos of some of my hair on the blog along with "after" photos, if you're curious about how severe it is.

J said...

Way to go woman! Your perseverance, commitment, and of course, results! ...All extremely motivating.
Thank you for continuing to share this part your journey.

Always remember that your day will likely go the way the corners or your mouth turn.
Keep your head up love, and one day, you'll keep your "chin up" ;)

J said...

Side note- I hadn't seen this blog in your Furry links, so as I just recently stumbled on it myself, thought I'd mention it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, right, this would help... the site is called The Hirsutism Hub.

Allerleirah said...

and one day, you'll keep your "chin up" ;)

Hahaha, I love that! And thank you. I hope you're doing well, it's been a little while since I've seen one of your comments. :D

Thank you for the great link! It's been a long time since I've searched for hirsutism sites, and this one definitely belongs in the referral section!