June 12, 2012

Why Not Us?

I was in the hair stylists’ chair several weeks ago, reading slightly outdated gossip rags as I waited for my color to set.  There was an O magazine in the pile, and that is how I stumbled across an interview with Diablo Cody, screenwriter of Juno.  I really enjoyed that movie, and she is really adorable!

There were some very positive sayings that I felt were definitely worth sharing.  Women, especially when we’re young and are new to the continuous emotional battle with our bodies and our self esteem, fall easily into despair.  Developing something so mysterious and unique as male-pattern hair growth singles us out further.  We can’t trust our friends, our parents have an even harder time understanding this challenge, and sometimes our doctors will even shrug it off.  It truly seems like there is no one in the whole world like us.  But here’s what a teacher with cancer said to Cody:

“’I never waste time asking myself, “Why me?”  Instead I ask, “Well, why not me?”’”

Cody adds: “...Rather than being a statement of resignation, I think of it more as a battle cry: ‘I am not my circumstances.’ ...  I could choose to feel like a martyr, but instead I think, ‘You are not the first and only person in the world who has had to do this.’”

Chew that over for a while.  I did, and I knew immediately who I wanted to share this with: all of you.  Because I’m not the only one.  And neither are you.  We’re all in this together, and we can take it.

Read the full interview:  http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Diablo-Cody-Interview-Dealing-with-Loss-and-Pain


Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful woman.

you're right. Why not us?
Sometimes i look at the mirror and i want to cry. But i take a breath and start to think. Is this the worst thing that could happened to me?


I have a happy family.
I'm smart.
I've a beautiful face and a rocking body.
My bestfriend had a tumor and she won the game.
I've a cat.
I truly love a man.

My life is beautiful.
My friends wax their legs and i wax my legs, my arms, my belly, my chest, my back and my face. Is this such a big problem? ;)

PS: My wallet disagree! :D


Allerleirah said...

Your life is beautiful, my dear. :D I love hearing that you're happy. It's not impossible!

Don't forget this comment you posted in the future!

Anonymous said...

Here I am, spending my fridaynight in bed, depressed,searching the internet for hairy facts...a year ago I was partying and celebrating life each and every weekend, living a happy life...half a year ago my gyn
diagnosed me with pcos, finally an answer on my sudden hairgrowth on my body and face and te thinning hair on my scalp ( althought the thinning also could be due to stress)....but this was also a turnpoint in my life, in a bad way..a period of non stop depression, anger, fear started...

The last months I have been so angry about myself...cause it is my body that does this...me myself and I cause my hormones to wreck up and my body to become a mess....I am at a point that I dont fancy anything anymore and that I don't want to leave the house and face other people anymore...I dont have a problem, I became one...the only thing that is on my head 24/7 is my pcos and hairy sorrows and fears....

But hell yeah, it's also me myself and I that has to accept this and learn to live with it...and indeed it makes no sense wondering why this is happening to me and being angry about it. There are so much more heavy things people have to deal with, it is not the end of the world and I have to find a way to deal with it and accept this!

So, Iam so incredably happy that I found your blog tonight!!! Your possitive way of thinking and dealing with your hirsutism (and sharing it with the world), makes me feel less alone.

Thanks, you rock!!!!!

Allerleirah said...

It really does break my heart to hear what women have given up because of hirsutism... but it's a hard fight to build up that self esteem again, especially at the beginning. We all have to go through those low points.

Now, not having PCOS I can only imagine the other health concerns you must have to worry about. Knowing the cause and realizing it really is beyond your control does help, though! It sounds like you're attacking this positively, and I'm cheering for you!

It gets easier, my dear! Really!

And if you haven't already, I would highly recommend the Pink Razor Project: http://pinkrazorproject.com/ Carly, the author, has also been diagnosed with PCOS, so she might be talking about additional worries you may have!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reaction, your blog and positive view is helping me a lot....I try to stay positive but it is hard....I see my hairshedding and hairgrowth on body and face increasing every month. I am just soooo anxieus about how much more it will change. But good news is that I had an untrasound this week and in stead of 14 cysts on each olvary, there were 12 eggcells in total and that is a normal rate in a cyclus. So I guess my strict no sugar no alcohol low carb diet is working :)!! Next month after m
y hormonal bloodtest I am gonna start with diane35, with mixed feelings cause I get depressed from that pill but anything that prevent my hairy problems from getting worse should be tried! Thanks again sweetie for sharing your stories, thoughts and knowledge, it helps me accept things the way they are!! :)

Allerleirah said...

That is really good to hear!

There certainly are other oral contraceptives out there that are supposed to be suitable for hirsutism, though I don't know how suitable they are for PCOS. It's definitely something to work with your doctor on discovering, but if Diane-35 is going to be the pill for you, maybe you and your doctor can find a way to counteract the low moods?

Anonymous said...

:) true...I did some research and found out that the yasmin should be as effective as diane35....so I am gonna give that bc a try and hope it will work!

Allerleirah said...

Great! If Diane hadn't worked for me, Yasmin is probably the next one I would have asked to try.

I hope you feel much better on that pill. :D