April 16, 2012


One of the ladies I work with brought in a No!No! last week. I see the commercials and infomercials on TV here in Canada often, and thanks to my browsing history regarding body hair, I see the ads on the web when I surf, too. It claims to remove hair painlessly and discourage it from growing back by “crystalizing” the hair beneath the skin using “thermocon technology.” I’m not sure what that means, though apparently it uses heat and not light, but it so closely resembled home-laser-hair-removal kits (which I universally read as being disappointments and downright dangerous) that I resolved to stay well clear. Besides, a 60-day risk-free trial barely gets you through two hair cycles. You’d hit very few of your total active follicles in two months.

So anyway. She brought it in, took it out, and I knew immediately what it was. I tried not to be too excited as I drifted toward the conversation she was having with some of the other gals, explaining to them what it was. It sounded like she had brought it in for someone in particular, but I couldn’t insert myself into their circle to see who'd wanted to see it, or hear how it worked on the lady who owned it. But clearly at least two people I work with have concerns about body hair, but I haven’t been able to ascertain whether it’s simply normal hair they’re tired of shaving, a few stray chin hairs from menopause, or something else entirely.

I really tried to get in there. I asked questions, like how effective she found it on what type of hair, but the circle ignored me, closed tight. I don’t think they were trying to exclude me, but I sure felt like they didn’t think what they were talking about was relevant to my interests. So once again, I was kind of saddened at work.  But there’s still lots of opportunity to talk to my workmates one-on-one, and maybe someone’s hair woes will come out, because obviously they’re not secretive about it. I really want to know what their concerns are, and what has worked for them. This mystery is bugging me!

And now I’m curious about the No!No! again. It’s different when you actually know someone who’s used it. My expectations still wouldn’t be high, but what if it doesn’t totally suck?


Anonymous said...

LOL, I just had a vision of "little" Al trying to break through a circle of huge, erhm, ladies ;) In the end, fed up, with constant "excuse me's", she screams so loud that cats in the Netherlands can hear her: "Excuse Me!!!! I have hirsutism and I need to know if this works!!!!" Then quieter in mumbly voice: "advice about tested hair removal methods available on request" ;)))

Allerleirah said...

Hah hah hah! That... probably would have worked. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I will be that fed up that I finally take charge of a situation. :P