January 11, 2012

"Hate isn't something we're born with"

I'm in the midst of some family health issues right now and dealing with some stress and sleeplessness.  Everything seems to be well so far, but when is surgery fun, right?  I'm also deep in some artistic deadlines right now--did I mention I quit my job to focus completely on my creativity?

So this week, there's an article from 2007 that I reblogged today on tumblr and it's worth a read.  It's by singer-songwriter and female force-to-be-reckoned with Beth Ditto, dealing with how to stop worrying about weight, but the principles about loving yourself and feeling confident are universal.

Here's the link, nothing not safe for work here, but if you go to my main tumblr page, as always there may be some nudity.

And the source, fyeahbodypositive, (also NSFW), is a great tumblr to follow if you want to see pictures of real people sharing their bodies and posting messages to boost self esteem.

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Anonymous said...

I have popped in to your tumblr recently and I must say it turned out to be much better idea than I thought! I thought it'd be cool just to see the pictures but seeing so many of them together - it makes the "beard" very common and "normal". At least thats how I felt after going through the posts. Do not stop! :) (soph)