December 6, 2011

Product: KoS Azor System Razor

King of Shaves has never steered me wrong with anything of theirs I’ve tried so far: shaving oils, shaving gels, new shaving gels...  And their razor kept receiving awards so when I saw it on sale (as they were discontinuing the white model), I figured, worth a shot.  I’d never tried a men’s razor before; all the popular ones (and their replacement blades) were all so expensive.  And what’s more, I’d learned that the only real difference between a woman’s razor and a man’s was the angle of the head and/or the shape of the handle.  Shaving your face versus shaving your legs and armpits requires a different grip on the razor.  I’d become accustomed to shaving my face with disposable women’s razors anyway.

The first time I used it, I was amazed I'd only nicked myself once.  The angle was weird to me, and the Azor’s particularly bendy head was awkward because I wasn’t used to it.  But it was a nice result from four lovely, sharp blades.  Every razor’s first shave is usually nice.  Since April, I got through the learning curve, and I've finally gone through my first set of three cartridges.  I just ordered more

King of Shaves Azor System Razor


  • Four "Endurium" coated blades
  • Hinged razor head which they call their "Bendology Technology"
  • Large rubber bumper to lift stubble
  • Wishbone-shaped head
  • Ergonomic handle (light-weight or heavier version available)
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Things I liked:
  • The blades really last!  Whatever this “Endurium” stuff is, and yeah it sounds a bit like something they’d infuse Wolverine’s bones with, but I think it works.  I can go almost three months without replacing the cartridge--this is just using it on my face and armpits.
  • You can’t argue the price point.  At under $8 CAD for your first handle and the same price for 4 replacement cartridges (you get an even better deal if you buy 8), even with International shipping it’s cheaper than going into your local drugstore and picking up the leading men’s razor.  And as it lasts longer than my usual pack of disposable ladies razors, it ends up being cheaper than that too.
  • Because I go through less product, I feel I’m producing less waste.  Always a good thing.
    Things I didn't like:
    •  It is definitely a learning curve to switch to this, particularly from what I using before.
    • The “Bendology Technology” is a little soft for me.  It’s great if you’re a man as it provides just the right pressure for a close shave without irritation.  But as a woman who feels she simply cannot have any trace of shadow, I have to prop a couple of fingers against the cartridge when shaving around my chin for extra pressure.  I realize it's not proper but it's a necessity.  
    • Four blades makes for a flat but rather broad razor head.  A little more difficult to use on the curves of my girly little chin.

    Did it do what it promised?
    For a guy, it probably does shave better because it bends.  As a girl, that’s probably true in some areas of the body, but I’ve gotta press hard on my chin.  I don’t find any advantage of the large soft rubber bumper as regards to preventing cuts, but then I nick myself out of carelessness, regardless what kind of blade I’m using.  The blades last long, as advertised, and I have to agree it is certainly eco-friendly in design with minimal packaging.  I like it enough to keep using it, simply for the long-lasting blades.  Face shaving isn't ever going to be 100% comfortable, particularly for a woman, is it?

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