November 8, 2011

Beautiful Girl with a Beard

Ugh, what a week for me, so it's video week for you guys!  This one's an interview with a woman with a beard by columnist and comedian Shazia Mirza.  If I find her BBC documentary F*** Off, I'm a Hairy Woman in full, I'll share that one of these days, as well.

Thank you for finding this, Soph!


Carly said...

I love this video! I have it on my blog too in an earlier post! Great minds... :-)

Allerleirah said...

Yes, I saw it on your blog too! :D It's one of the few YouTube videos I've seen on the subject that haven't included anything ignorant, it's great! Sophie found it for me a while back, and I was keeping it in my pocket for just such an occasion!