October 27, 2011

Living with a Pharmacy-Tech-To-Be

A month ago, I talked about how my step-sister hinted at wanting to know what my prescriptions were for her classes.  I didn't tell her.  I knew she knew what Spiro is, as a diuretic, because it's on her whiteboard.  She might not be so aware of the off-label usage--yet.

The other day was a great day.  It was one of those days where you are full of energy and get a lot accomplished, feel really good about yourself, and treat yourself to something special (for me that would be a Filet O' Fish from McDonald's).  I was buzzing around the house, chipper as anything.  Across the room, my step-sister is studying.  Out of nowhere, her voice carries from the family room to the kitchen: "What diuretic do you take?"

I hesitated for half a second between the sink and the refrigerator.  It's hard to avoid a direct question.  But as I began to wonder how to squirm my way out of answering, I realized I was not terribly bothered.  And so, barely missing a beat, I called back, "Spironolactone."

"I know that one!" she exclaimed with triumph.

"I know you know," I laughed.  "I've seen it on your w--"

"--Whiteboard, yeah."

I came back to the family room and we sat in companionable silence.  I wasn't troubled at all.

I have to wonder, really, if the step-family hasn't noticed after all.  I do walk around with a days' worth of stubble now and then, and although I figured safe to assume most people are not all that observant (I know I'm not), perhaps it's not something worth betting on.  When I was taking one of my days off shaving and was wandering around the house in my pajamas, my step-dad warned me one of his friends was over and had just stepped out to get something from his car.  I wasn't wearing immodest pajamas (I'm a big fan of flannel, and it's gotten quite cold here) so I did wonder for a split second if he meant something else.

Maybe I'll never know.  But eventually, they'll probably figure it out if they haven't done so already.  Maybe by then, I'll be totally okay with it.  And so I'm not going to rush it.  But I sure am not hiding it like I used to.

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