August 10, 2011

Another Small Triumph

Guys, guys, guys.

I've been wearing a belt.

Why is this a big deal?  Well, I stopped wearing belts in high school, when I realized that having that extra bulk at the waistband encouraged t-shirts to ride up, and I was more likely to expose my lush and luxurious treasure trail.  I would try to pluck, bleach, dissolve, and shave it away, and then wear the belt once the foliage had been culled, but eventually I just gave up and hung all my belts at the end of the closet. 

They've been hanging there for years.  I have one, sugar-pink leather, that I never really had much opportunity to wear.  I bought it at a leather store's closing sale, and the only reason I bought it was because my best friend at the time had been lusting after a red one.  She was very recently feeling low, so I was putting together a care package for her, with books, an oil diffuser, lip gloss... you know, all the things a teenager could want.  As the sale was two-for-one, I got her the red one she wanted, and myself the pink one.  I always thought of her when I thought of wearing it.  And I just could never feel confident enough to wear it.

The other day, I was feeling colorful in the nice weather, and thought of adding that extra splash of brightness via a cinch at the hips.  So I pulled out this neglected belt and slipped it through belt loops I had never used except to yank my jeans up over my hips.  I realized it didn't matter if my shirt rode up that day.  Because the treasure trail was blond, barely noticeable.  Maybe the belt was out of style, but I wore it with pride.


Anonymous said...

Because of my irregular size, I always had to wear belts. I just wear a small long tshirt under the normal one. I dont remember last time I wore one layer of clothes... And its summer...


Jade said...

This too may be something we said as teenagers while wearing (or not wearing) our colourful, embellished belts... but in the spirit of that, You Go Girl!!!
& While I'm at it... you know you da bomb right? ;)

Keep on postin'

Allerleirah said...

Soph - Ugh, layers, I know what you mean. One of my solutions to pretty but low-cut shirts has been to wear another high-collar shirt underneath. That can get warm, even in winter, when you work indoors.

Don't ever let me take wearing a single layer of clothes for granted!

Jade - Oh man, those phrases take me back! Right back atcha girlfriend!