February 23, 2011


No post this week; I'm on holidays! Unfortunately, it hasn't been much warmer down south than in the frozen north, but hey, it's still nice to get away!

I did just hear a bit of news, though. My family doctor moved her practice to another end of the city without telling us. So the question is, do we stay with her, or stay within our geographic locale? Why is it so hard to keep a GP these days?


Sophie said...

Hey, enjoy your holiday and until you're back - dont think about buying a house closer to you gp. Just dont think about it at all now and relax! Have fun!!!

Allerleirah said...

Thank you, my dear.

I certainly tried not to dwell on it, but I have this habit of coming back from a holiday and wanting a clean slate, so I work madly on my to-do list. One of the items on my to-do list for a while has been making an appointment with my family doctor, and now that I can't, it sure is frustrating! I want to check it off my list! Hee hee. :)