June 29, 2010

New Uniforms!

Our office building is in the midst of renovations, causing us all to migrate down to the basement. (Yes, a few clients express surprise and concern at the health and wellness challenges, but for the most part are glad we haven't closed entirely, us being the only office in this quadrant of the city with a huge customer base compared to other branches.) While mostly developed and clean(ish), the usual dress code has been relaxed to permit comfortable shoes and bluejeans. The office has also provided us with t-shirts to keep our regular clothing safe from the new rigors of working "underground."

I love having a uniform, and not having to worry about choosing what to wear each day. I have also noticed less laundry, which is a definite plus for me. But the t-shirts they ordered are v-necks, which dip just low enough that I do have to worry about another matter: chest hair. I was very irritated to discover this, the first time I pulled one on, rather excited to be wearing cotton and denim for once. I wouldn't even have guessed the neck was that low to look at it; it is a unisex t-shirt. But I threw it on, let it settle, happened to look down, and oh crap.

I mean, of all the t-shirt styles available to print our logo on, what are the odds our bosses had to select the style that is so personally inconvenient to me? And now that the weather is getting quite hot, wearing a shirt underneath is an unattractive option.

It just figures. :P

I've put up a new poll that will run for the next couple of months. Age is one of the many stats I can't get from Google Analytics, and I'm very curious. Particularly regarding the youngest contingent. Searching online for help and support when I was developing hirsutism was something from which I probably could have benefited. As well, I do worry about posting content that might not be suitable for minors, such as art I've found that may feature some nudity. I don't want to exclude the younger folk from anything on my blog, yet I do find myself holding back now and then.


Sophie said...

oh my, bless you. few years ago, i was a receptionist in a hotel. smart shirts and no buttons at the top. and see through enough. figured a small tshirt and bought a broche/pin as wasnt allowed to change uniform. when my boss saw it, she made a huge deal out of it, almost tearing it off me, demanding to give her the reason. i didnt. i also wasnt working there very long...

Allerleirah said...

Yep, some companies are very specific about their image. It can be inconvenient in ways that are normally so hard to imagine.

I love smart button-down shirts. I would wear them every day to work if they would button up high enough to make me feel comfortable. You can tell it's been a "good shave" day when I'm wearing one of those. *lol*