June 8, 2010


Have some of you wondered what you'd look like completely hairless?

Well, okay, with the hair on top your head still in tact? It's something far-fetched to some of us, especially when we're hirsute. We catch a glimpse of ourselves in the full length mirror while getting changed, and feel depressed, angry, embarrassed, but are accustomed to the sight. Some of us are able to maintain our body hair diligently, but I find it often painful and time consuming, especially when the only one who sees me is me.

But maybe because it's spring, and I'm feeling good, I went a little crazy with the razor. I was curious. I wanted to see if I'd feel that much different lacking this one thing that bothers me so. And I knew there would be burning repercussions, and figured if I could mentally prepare myself, I'd be okay.

When I first saw myself in the mirror, I just laughed. I knew it would be temporary, I knew it might even be hell growing back, but I couldn't believe I looked like that. It looked so absurd that I would snicker every time I glanced at myself.

But it was a little anticlimactic. I was still me. Same freckles, same scars, same basic shape. And for most of the days to come, I wouldn't even be thinking about the way I looked underneath my clothes. I'd be too busy trying to solve a problem or calm down an angry client or try to get a hundred things done at once to chuckle about that. The only time I'd really benefit from what I'd done to myself was when I got dressed in the morning, or showered and went to bed at night. Or the odd time I had to reach up somewhere high and my shirt rode up.

So really, all that work didn't enhance life as much as I thought. But it sure looked neat. Those few moments when I saw how I looked without all that body hair felt good. Keeping it up, seeing yourself look like that consistently, was far too easy to get used to. And in the back of my mind, I started to feel just a little bit better about myself.

So all I can say is, if keeping up strict and stringent maintenance makes you feel like you look good, go for it. It worked for me for a fraction of the day, which was nice, but it just doesn't have enough of an impact for it to be worth the hard work all the time. Or worth the torturous regrowth. It's itching like a fiend! Agh!


Sophie said...

Yeah, I have done it. Once. (not completely utterly hairless because its hard for me to do anything to my back and shoulders). It looked awful and was a majorly depressing experience. It lasted about 10 hours and I think I actually prefer them long and there, then short and just popping out. It doesnt itch, it hurts. Once in a while, I, well, "trim" here and there, just for basic hygiene (it can get hot in summer). But having to go through all the pain everywhere and the blood and the consequences... nah, i'll pass. and remember, there are these girls who do that regularly... crazy. it played a big part in making it easier to accept myself, thats for sure :))

Allerleirah said...

I can't imagine doing it regularly! Once was enough. Now I know. *lol* Thank you, curiosity.

staticwarp said...

when i hit puberty, i started shaving everything except my legs and underarms. i even tried shaving my legs once but stopped after i did my calf, because it looked so gigantic and naked compared to the other one lol. after i started getting into my later teenage years i realized the futility and discomfort of it all wasnt worth it, so i just gave up and got used to myself. i wore fishnet shirts when i was wearing half shirts so that the hair on my stomach was mostly concealed. i've also found that the itching regrowth happens even when i just trim certain areas, so i said screw that too. its easier for me to get away with since i'm a guy but its not so hot when you're in drag XD. it must be a total bitch being a woman and having to keep covered or shaven just because of societal expaectations and the way they shape our expectations of self image.

Allerleirah said...

Yes! You can totally get irritation just from trimming! Kinda glad its not just me who suffers from doing that, too. So you start looking for types of clothing to eliminate the need to do that to yourself. It's tough when that wars with the way you'd like to present yourself.

*lol* Yeah, male pattern hair growth is a bitch.