May 14, 2010

Beard-Stroking Goodness

I had seen this in a couple of places online months ago, laughed and put it aside for later. I just stumbled across it again and it made me chuckle once more. Have you seen LG's "Give it a Ponder" campaign? It's probably quite old news, now.

Not only am I glad someone's advertising this message, but I got no small amusement out of the theme of the beard as a non-gender-specific symbol of wisdom. Doubtless some people are just getting a laugh out of a beard being stuck onto girl, but hey, that's sometimes what it takes to get peoples' attention.

Check out the rest on Youtube.


Sophie said...

thats cute. see, we are wiser than others, we have it in our genes!

Allerleirah said...

Yep! It must be true! :D