January 29, 2010

More Tests, con't

Just booked my ACTH test. I thought I might have to beg and manipulate for a day off from work, but they managed to squeeze me in on a day off. The week after next, you'll get to learn all about it. Definitely more nervous now, but it will be over and done with before my vacation.

I've been so busy this past week that I've had to shave every day in order to go out. That's been tough on my skin, but aside from that, I've felt just a little bit more confident about it. My skin seems clearer and I still say the shadow's not coming in as quickly. As a bit of celebration, I cut my hair. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, and now just seemed like a good time to give a new style a try. It was exhilarating to chop it off after a few years, and while I'm enjoying the shock from people, I'm also going to enjoy just having a change. There's still just enough hair to comfortably hide my face if I'm feeling insecure, though, so maybe it's not so brave. But I'm giddy about it.

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