September 15, 2009

Still Here

I apologize for my silence here on the blog and other sites.

Someone who means a great deal to me tried to commit suicide last week, and yes, that is blunt and doesn't do her any favors, but neither does pretending it didn't happen. In addition, I've always tried to be straightforward in this blog, and it needs to be said. While she seems to be doing better now, I'm finding I still need to deal with the shock of it. We'll be okay, I think, but life is in too much turmoil right now and I have to look after myself and my family first.

Considering how often blogs peter out, though, I felt I owed everyone who reads this the assurance that I'm not going anywhere, and I hope to be back in a week or two and I will get to all comments or emails then. Until then, you are all more beautiful than you realize, giving up is never a solution, and you are stronger than you will hopefully ever need to know.

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