June 30, 2009

One Sunny Day

The first week of this month was not a good shaving week. You know the kind? You can't seem to get close enough to the problem hairs, and no matter what you do the angry bumps keep popping up like excited concert patrons doing the wave, and then you keep catching those bumps with your razor causing nicks galore! I couldn't figure it out--fresh razor, generous moisturizing. And I can never quite pinpoint bad skin to my cycle or stress, so I was at a loss.

And of course, life doesn't care if your body is rebelling.

A couple of months ago I had volunteered to help out at a picnic for children in June that my company sponsors. We had wonderful weather for the day; a very honest daylight situation. They hand out baseball caps with the event name embroidered on it, so I figured that would hold my hair down to the sides of my face so I could hide behind it.

But as I approached my station I realized: Oh, crud. I'm handling food. I was going to have to tie up my hair.

Just keep your head down and stay in the shade, I told myself. I looped my hair up through the back of the cap and snapped on my rubber gloves, continuing to pep-talk myself. Okay, just have fun: the sun is shining, music's blaring, you're not at your desk, and these kids are having such a good time and they're not going to care what you look like.

And then a very handsome man joined our station, pulling on his gloves. His biceps stretched out his short sleeves--no joke, he was very fit. Even if a girl isn't interested in a man, she certainly doesn't want to appear the circus side show. He took up a spot next to me, towering head and shoulders above my own modest height.

I think I must have gawked up at him in disbelief at my own bad luck. Why me? Why now? And as he looked down at me to greet and ask what job he could do, on his face spread this giant grin. The beautiful day and the time off work was getting to him, too. And I found myself grinning back like a goofy idiot.

I didn't forget the bad skin day I was having, but the uncharacteristically good weather, the exuberance of the kids, and my teammate's jokes and happy smile made me feel better. I felt like I could do anything, my face notwithstanding--even shop for bathing suits. It was a great day.

And it just goes to show you that even though the way you feel about yourself affects your attitude, it can also be the other way around. It's possible to enjoy the day even if you don't look or feel your best.


Anonymous said...

Now a days is summer i must say NO SUNNY DAY :P

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Allerleirah said...

Aww, but I get to see the sun so rarely here! :D