July 21, 2013

Keeping Busy

Oh my goodness, July has been insane! 

Probably one of the most important things I've learned about myself this month is that I can sew.  And sew lots.  And sew wearable items, even.  Sometimes sewing is the only way to achieve the look you want.  There have been several big occasions this month and I've had ambitions for each of them.  Whether I achieve hairlessness or not, I have been resolved to go for the looks that I want (and in some cases have fantasized about wearing for years).  And I feel I succeeded in them.

 I mean, take a look at this hair!  I did that myself, and I learned it from an amazing site called CuteGirlsHairstyles, which you should check out if you've ever wondered how to do some elusive braid you've seen on Pinterest or tumblr.  I never ever used to do anything with my hair, ever.  I wanted it to be around my face to hide me, and on the rare occasion that I wanted it done up, it always seemed too hard to do.  I started practicing braiding my hair while I was bedridden in May, and was able to accomplish that by July.  (Girly admission: the hair was merely a foundation for the plumerias, which I've wanted to wear in my hair since my transformative holiday in Hawaii.  It's a silly dream, but it's been mine for ages, and why put it off any longer?  No time like the present to make yourself feel as beautiful as you've ever imagined you could be.)

Of more interest to you ladies, though, is that I have been keeping up with the challenge to shave as little as possible without planning ahead for the days I need to leave the house.  I have left the house several times now without shaving, including going to the dentist, something you long-time readers will know I dread because they work so closely with my face.  Laser hair removal has reduced my beard enough that the regrowth is much more subtle, much more bearable.  I look forward to experiencing camping like this.  And speaking of which, I am getting ready to leave, so I'll report on how it went when I get back. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping busy with good things.

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