October 24, 2011

Al Returns

I am back from my travels.  I had a wonderful time.  Traveling by yourself is an amazing and challenging experience, and I learned a lot about myself--in particular that I prefer to travel with family so that memories can be shared in person.  That's just who I am.

During and since, I've been ill off and on with what feels like a bad cold.  The weird thing is, before the symptoms start, I begin to get really bad ingrown hairs on my chin.  If you've ever had cystic acne, it's been bad like that--such deep infections that it actually misshapes my chin.  I think my immune system is just run down from travel stress, work stress, and family stress, like all human beings. 

It has especially sucked to have while traveling, as I'm on a tight schedule and have no choice but to go out every day.  And so, I had to shave.  I had to shave over these bulging, throbbing sore spots over and over, shearing off scabs so that it was impossible for them to heal (and impossible to cover over with make-up).  When I got home, I had to work immediately the next day, but after that I took off two days to help my skin.  The cold subsided, I began to heal, but then it started up all over again in a week or so.

So my current status is that I'm sick, sore, and feeling ugly.  But I know it's temporary, and that nothing can reverse this but time--and perhaps getting back to eating healthy.  And for now, at least my dog still loves me.

I see I've got lots of mail and comments to catch up on!  Thank you all so much!  Those of you who've checked out the new All Kinds of Fur tumblr, what do you think?  Relevant to your interests?  Have a great week!  (I'm going back to bed.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor soul... Why does it always happen on a trip, too?! Not that its gonna make you feel better but im with you on this one. My face have become a planet of aliens and i hardly recognise it so stopped looking. So hey, there's someone who knows exactly how you feel! ;)

It feels like you only went yesterday though, in sophie's time measurement system. I am glad you enjoyed but I get it, its always nice to be able to say - what a nice building, isnt it? And then two years later - remember that nice building we saw in Rio? But its also good to do it on your own, just from time to time. As you said, its a very good way to get to know youself a little better.

Sending you hugs from the home of three furry ladies where no one cares what shape your chin is.

Allerleirah said...

I thought of you and aliens, that's for sure. I went, "Oh boy, Sophie'd appreciate this one..."