September 7, 2011

A Little Ovary Update

It’s the way it always goes; I was out running errands when the endocrinologist’s office called, and got their message that my results were in about five minutes after the office had closed for the weekend.  And, of course, it was a long weekend, with a lovely statutory holiday right at the end of it.  So I tried not to think about my nervousness after the ultrasound, and waited until Tuesday morning to call them, just before work. 

The receptionist just looked at my file and told me right there that the cyst was there, and it was stable.  Using my background in health insurance, I take that to mean it hasn’t grown or shrunk, which I suppose is good.  I would have much preferred to hear it was gone, and that the black spot I kept seeing on the ultrasound was just an ovary, but... (shrug) oh well.

I felt weird asking questions about my scan of the receptionist, but when she said that the cyst needed no further follow-up, I asked if that meant I would not be referred to an OBGYN.  It didn’t say anything on my file, so she said she’d check and get back to me.  I don’t necessarily want to go to an OBGYN, but when I first found out about the cyst and asked questions of the endo (questions I can’t even remember at this point) she said she was not in the best field to respond to them.  I’d at least like to hear from an OBGYN what I have to watch for to make sure this cyst doesn’t cause serious problems, or how to catch such problems in time.

Hearing from the doctor always beings that stupid ovary to the front of my mind.  It gets me all emotional, and it was bad enough that this past weekend was the second anniversary of an attempted suicide in my family.  I’d succeeded in not thinking about it up until I heard about another attempted suicide that had happened that very weekend.  So I was a little “off” yesterday.  I haven’t had any really bad mood swings on Diane-35, but I do get the odd day like this, where things affect me more than they would on the average day.

I got a call today from the endo's office (and thankfully I was home to catch it), and found out I am being referred after all.  I don't expect to actually be given an appointment date for a while yet, that's how referrals to specialists go.  But that's good too; means it's not an emergency, right?

And that’s my update.  Official “rules” for guest blogging will go up tomorrow!  :)


Anonymous said...

So... it means you still don't really know what's going on?... Hm... Keep us posted.

As to the other part of your post, I really shouldn't have sent that last e-mail to you. At least not all of it. I am sorry, I wish I could recall it. I really need to start thinking before speaking...

Stay strong.


Allerleirah said...

Well, I know it's benign and not changing, but I've never had a cyst before and I want to understand the dangers and things, from an expert.

Heheh, I hate when it's too late to erase. I wouldn't worry, though.

You do the same. :)