September 27, 2011

All Kinds of Fur - The Tumblr!

I'm excited to announce a new feature to my online presence as "Allerleirah," a companion Tumblr to collect images of bearded ladies, female beauty, quotes about self esteem, and the odd post by others who complain of their hirsutism on their own Tumblr's.

You may well ask, "Al, why not just post what you find here on your blog?"  It's a fair question, and an idea I've turned around and around in my mind.  My answer is twofold: firstly, it's easier.  Tumblr is such an effortless way to collect this kind of thing into one place. 

The second reason is the more important concern I had about keeping this blog around PG-13ish.  Sure, I discuss ladies' problems, talk about various parts of the body, and post the odd video that deals with such.  But there are inspiring things out there that are a little more... Not Safe For Work, that I still feel are worth sharing.  Now, I know the reality is that even those of you who are underage have probably seen stuff even more explicit, but I prefer to give the choice.  I will leave it to each girl's sensibilities as to what they'd like to see, regardless of age. 

So my Tumblr is going to be a place for more mature content, which you can consume or ignore as you will.  And keeping in mind those of you who voted for more posts, hopefully this will appease you somewhat.  As it's easy to find content, as it's mostly created by others and waiting for me to find, it will likely be updated often, and I may schedule posts so that there's something new as frequently as every day.  I hope you enjoy it!

Now, I'm off on a couple of trips so I especially won't be around to approve comments or apply to emails in the next couple of weeks.  However, also keeping in mind those votes for more posts, I've got a couple of things lined up to be posted automatically in my absence.  I'll see you all soon!

Stay positive!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Hero of ours :)
Awesome idea. I just had this image in my mind - how more and more ladies find your blog, myspace, facebook (and other "gadgets" I would not have a clue how to use ;) ) and then there are millions and they all join forces and.. yes, I have a bright outlook today! :)

ENJOY your trips, girl!!!
(you can put the speak up song up if you want, on the new thingy)

Anonymous said...

ah, i sent that earlier comment without checking the link - wooooooow. wooooooooooooooooooooow wow wow. wow.

thank you so much for this.


Allerleirah said...

...and then we take over the world! Mwah hah hah hah... *cough*

Ooh, may I? I think I have to upload it to a particular site in order to share it on tumblr. I'll look into it. (Excited!)

Anonymous said...

We have already taken over, just in hiding for now ;)
Really liking the oher site. Sorry, I am pretty unknowledgable as far as social networks are concerned, i thought you can just upload anything you want ;)

Allerleirah said...

I'm not too confident with tumblr yet, myself. I think I can upload one song per day though, so I'll give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I just was on tumblr and clicked on your link to get back to the blog - it seems the link doesnt work. I tried a couple of times on a couple of days. Is it me only Again? ;) If it works for you, let me know and I'll send you a screenshot.

Allerleirah said...

Ooh, thanks for the heads up! I'd spelled my own web address wrong. :P