July 6, 2011

Back to the Endo

Okay, so the week before last was my latest visit to the endocrinologist. Got a little more lost than usual finding my way through that maze of corridors, but it was the least anxious I've felt going to see her. I told her I was finding myself happy with the results of the Spiro, though she was disappointed to hear it still was making no difference to the hair on my face, either in quantity, coarseness or speed of growth. She brought up laser hair removal again, and I'm finally game to try that a second time. But I'd like to see how this next step in the treatment goes, and I'd also like to time it so that I can enjoy a summer without shaving my face. Maybe I can go camping then, or travel with other people...

I told her what I really wanted at this point was to find a better birth control pill that would regulate my cycles and eliminate the spotting, so she suggested Diane-35 and I said okay. Diane-35 has a small amount of cyproterone acetate right in it, and though it's generally not used for birth control alone, it is often prescribed to acne sufferers as it has the androgen blocker right in. It is our hope that maybe the combination of Spiro and Diane will make the results even better.

I see a lot of distaste for Diane-35 on the web, and yes, I am a little nervous about it. Not only is it a new pill and I am never confident in my body's tolerance, but it has been reported in certain studies to have a higher-than-normal risk of blood clots. However, that higher-than-normal risk is still a rare one. The endo only offered it, she didn't say: "This is what we're doing next." She would have allowed me to say no if I wanted to. But from my readings about the type of male and female hormones it contains, it's on the right track. Moreso than Alesse. And I have heard some very happy reports from some ladies who have used it long-term. It's different for everyone.

There's a little more hormone in this one, which is why I think it will help with the mid-cycle spotting that Spiro seems determined to cause. So I am on the lookout for severe mood swings and breast lumps and things like that. I assure you all I'm being cautious. Longtime readers know what a fearful creature I am.

Unrelated to hirsutism, the cyst on my ovary came up in conversation when I was telling the endo that my family doctor had moved off to the other end of the city, leaving my file behind. When I said that I still wished to see a gynecologist to talk more about the cyst, she said she would be happy to refer me herself. First, though, she wants me to have another ultrasound, because I haven't had that severe pain in six months and it may be that the cyst was reabsorbed. I have read that bcp's can sometimes help with cysts. Could it be that being on Alesse has helped in that way?

I've been on Diane for a week now and have nothing to report. Possibly some mild nausea in the mornings, but I'm known for stomach trouble anyway so it might not be the pill at all. And in the meantime, the Spiro continues to do it's job and I continue to enjoy the reduced hair everywhere else. Can you believe that? I'm enjoying the results of the medication.


Anonymous said...

from my email to you, august 2010: "i was prescribed diane at some point in between... i have no idea why it is allowed in pharmacies..." ;)

mind you, the side effects that freaked me out the most (and put me in hospital last year) would go together with heart problems and cells structure issues. oh yeah, and do not take it if you smoke.

just watch your body react even more careful than usual and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Loving your new look! Just need to find my way round it now :)))

By the way, the pop ups didnt help so you might wanna go back to the old way with comments.


Lizzy said...

Hi.I have been searching on the internet for ages, for somebody else like me. I am from England UK and have been diagnosed with idiopathic hirsutism. I have seen an endocrinologist and a dermatologist, who have done tests, examanations etc.
Everything comes back normal, so they have decided I have sensitive hair follicles.
I am really glad you have done this blog, I really want to help other women in this situation, as I feel it might help me cope with it.
Im 24 and have been suffering about 10 years or so.

Allerleirah said...

Soph: I know how much you hated it. I'm being careful. I think I've done a breast exam every week since starting it! *lol*

And I've changed it back from the pop-up comment window--I hate it too. Shame that didn't work.

Lizzy: Hello and welcome! I am so thrilled when somebody new says hi and tells me they're happy to find my blog! When I was searching the internet, I always wished for something like it, so I've done my best to do it for the rest of us.

It's nice to meet you. Your story sounds a lot like mine, and I agree it's important to make contact with other women with similar challenges. Feeling less alone helps a lot!

Don't be a stranger!

Anonymous said...

Lizzy, you found the right place - Al is our hero!! (Al, you must not temper with this comment!) Come to Cysters, too, there are a lot more of us than you think :)

Al, keep us posted about Diane and what its doing. And be careful. As always :)


Allerleirah said...

*lol* I was tempted, Soph! I was tempted... :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. I was on diane for many years and it worked better than anything to improve my acne and hair. I had perfect skin! It worked better than spiro. The only prob- it caused me to feel severely hungry all the time and it was a struggle to maintain my weight. I'm naturally slender and don't have to be try to be that way - until I was on diane. Good luck, it works BEAUTIFULLY on acne and hirsutism.

Allerleirah said...

Hi Anonymous!

I'm so glad to hear Diane worked for you. That's amazing that it worked on it's own, too. It sounds like there are a lot of women who are very happy with it, so I hope I'll be one of those. So far so good...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate the well wishes, too. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous (the last one ;) ), can you say a bit more on how it worked on the hair? I mean - are you saying it got rid off it??
And am I getting it right - you dont use it any more? Any relevant reason?

Re: weight; when I was prescribed diane, I was actaually advised to drink lots of water/herbal teas between meals to minimise the feeling of hunger. Al, you hungry?


Allerleirah said...

Hehe, Soph, I have a ridiculous metabolism. I'm almost always hungry. *lol*

But I am keeping an eye on my weight, so as to notice any changes now that I'm on Diane.