October 29, 2010

One Month on Finasteride

Sorry for the lateness. Whew, what a week! I thought I knew what I was going to post this week, but the topic put me on some tangents that were too distracting to actually get anything done. So instead, just a quick update.

Been on Finasteride for a month now. Refilled my prescription the day before yesterday, and with no weird looks or admonitions not to get pregnant. It was a girl who gave it to me this time, though. I'm used to being on a pill now, so emotionally I don't have the same challenges as I did when I started the Spiro. But because of the various other things going on this month, I've still been particularly stressed, which I'm thinking is the reason my stomach is off a lot. I know stomach upset is not a big side effect of the Finasteride. It's certainly more consistent with days of high stress than with taking the pill. I haven't noticed any results yet, but I likely wouldn't, it's still early days.

Still haven't heard back about the ultrasound results, and I did go in for the blood test to check my liver function on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. I've been taking my cellphone absolutely everywhere with me. The call's gonna come at work, I just know it. It always does.

My other challenge this month has been finding a dress for a party (I've honestly been too overwhelmed to sew one). Why do so many cocktail dresses have plunging necklines? For once I'd like to have a go-to dress for a special occasion without worrying whether or not it's going to be a bad hair day on my chest? There's so many other things for a girl to worry about. Seems a little like shooting one's self in the foot, buying a dress to show off cleavage when you're going to cover the displayed area with razor bumps anyway.

I found an absolutely perfect dress at an outlet store. The fit and construction and fabric were just bang-on what I wanted, and it was a great price. But it really put the puppies on display. I mean, really. Even if I didn't have to worry about shaving my chest, I would have felt vastly uncomfortable walking around the party on the verge of popping out. So I left it on the rack (the clothing rack at the store) and ended up finding a similar dress with an elegant and understated boatneck. Just for twice the price.

Gah, the things we do for modesty. :)

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