January 12, 2010

Eight Weeks on Spiro

Is it just me, or maybe just coincidence--or maybe after four shots my disposable razor is having a really good run--because I think my five o'clock shadow did not appear at five o'clock yesterday.

I was afraid to type it or say it out loud, because I can't decide if I have high hopes for this prescription or not. I still don't enjoy being on it, though I think all side effects are imagined, except for the diuretic properties. I think I'm even getting the hang of managing that last bit, taking it with a mid-morning snack instead of at lunch, and then I'm not waking up at three in the morning bursting.

Maybe it is my imagination, or an exceptionally good make-up job. It is definitely too soon to be expecting results. But I haven't been doing anything different hair-removal-wise since about October, and when I came home from work yesterday, there was only a slight bit of shadow on the sides of my chin.

Actually, just peeking under my shirt here, I'm seeing the dark but vellus hair above my navel is looking... uncharacteristically sparse. That is odd. It can't be right.

Even if my eyes are playing tricks on me, it felt good to "notice" it. It's been a week where I've just felt tired. Tired of feeling stressed and unwell. Tired of the way I look. Tired of feeling under-appreciated at work. Tired of worrying about family and friends. Tired even of feeling tired. Just the thought that something might be going as planned was, well, nice.

Two weeks and I haven't heard word about the results of the last blood test. I think that is also a very good thing.


Sophie said...

Hahahaha! lol lol lol



so in my case it was: well, i do have no light in my house... i must have forgotten i plucked this morning? ... is my make up really that good? (!) ... is my new "ingrown solution" thing doing the job on the nasty guys? ...

only after reading this post of yours did i start thinking...: shit ... maybe ... maybe...



ok, i know and you know - but just to clarify: the hirsutism does not disappear after eight/nine weeks of using the anti andro meds. what seems to be happening (well, in my case) is that they grow a tiny bit slower. Interesting (and painful) experiment. I have plucked the bottom part of my left boob and shaved the rest as normal about two weeks ago. The shaven bit is back to its old monkey self but I must admit that the left bottom boob bit is looking interesting. They do come back, in the same thickness and colour but much much slower! (Until today I was convinced im making it up...)

On a side note, funny how we are strongly prepared for all the worst to come... And how we cannot believe that something ... (im even reluctant to write this lol) ... that something might work... here!

Allerleirah said...


I think you're right. It's hard to admit "out loud" that maybe, just maybe, things are starting to slow down. We want to be prepared for the worst.