November 10, 2009

Soothing Morning Ritual?

Here's a different take on the morning shave.

Yes, it's written by a man, but it's the attitude that struck me, not the gender of the author. He takes a morning ablution and spins it into a positive element for the beginning of a day. Obviously it helps that he has products that work for him and are enjoyable to use.

It probably also helps that he is not one out of five-to-ten women who have to face stubbly reality with every sunrise. But still, why not try to think differently of the copious amounts of time spent removing hair from places society says it shouldn't be? Yes it's time better spent with family, friends, on hobbies or sleep. But what if, instead of glaring into the mirror and taking the reflection as a reminder that "I'm not normal," I looked beyond that and tried to see it as an opportunity for something more optimistic? A meditation, a pick-me-up, a chance to mentally prepare for a day. I have thought up many a blog post while scraping away, and often run through a checklist of things I need to accomplish at work. Or if it's a day off, I'll think about what I'd really like for breakfast... Mmmm, crepes.

On the other hand, if "a good shave can really set the tone," is any shave a good experience when you're a bearded lady? The only good shaves I ever have are when I've let the hair grow out until my skin has all healed, and then take to it with a brand new razor. This takes about a week, so the opportunities are indeed few. Sometimes there's so much anxiety in my gut about hiding my hair in the morning that it physically hurts. Not a good tone for the day. For me it's always been the part of the day I immediately block out of my mind when it's done.

But what if shaving could be made pleasant? What if us girls could approach it with a fresh attitude? What if there was a product that smelled lovely and worked so well that it made shaving... not a joy, but a surmountable part of the morning? It might go a long way to feeling better about ourselves as we live with hirsutism.

So first I have to find the perfect product...

I finally got the site updated to autumn colors. I miss the cyan and the cute little sink girl already, though. I've also added a section in the sidebar with links to product's I'm using right now. For instance, I'm trying a new disposable razor and a shaving oil. I was thinking it might help readers anticipate future reviews. And there's bigger news: My next Tuesday update will be about my first visit to an endocrinologist! Be sure to check back.


Becky said...

What a cool perspective. I relate most to your comment about blocking shaving out asap. I like the idea of looking at it as a time to meditate. Great post!

Allerleirah said...

It took me aback, too, but it a good way. Sometimes, attitude can make all the difference, but I find it's hard to adjust that!