September 24, 2009

Say "Ahh."

Here's something fun about being hirsute: going to the dentist. Another human being leaning over your face with a bright light and a mirror--how could a dental hygienist not notice?

It's something that always concerned me a little, and I would take extra care to shave (I would also trim my nose hair--hey, I expect the same courtesy of my dentist!) and moisturize so my make-up went on smoothly and didn't crack as my mouth was stretched in all possible directions. And I'd wonder, as she did so, if she ever took her eyes off my teeth long enough to see the shadow of stubble. But now that I've read of other bearded ladies feeling the same way, it's made it worse for me. Now I'm touching up my make-up on the way to the dentist, and wishing I could check it in the waiting room without people watching me and thinking I'm vain.

And I know I ought to get a hold of myself. They're doctors, even if they don't specialize in skin or hormonal disorders. They're not there to judge, they're there to clean and maintain the health of the tools in your mouth. Really, I have much more valid reasons to fear the dentist. ;)

And now that half an hour has passed since the fluoride wash, I can finally get a drink!


Jadri said...

Ah, I hear you on that. Good thing I was cavity free my last cleaning... I don't know how much longer I could have sat there. It's been worse lately, I need a hair cut in a bad way, my split end's split ends have split ends :p. But now I've got it in my head that I must wait for a 'good' day when the bumps are down, no darkies are stretched out under the skin, and the makeup isn't caking and flaking like a french pastry. Or really just a day where I feel like 'me', instead of the elephant man.
And about wanting to check yourself in the mirror in public. Funny how people see you 'us' as vain (or at least see that we're overly concerned of looking good) when in fact we are not being vain, at least in my case, > I don't want to be noticed for my looks at ALL. One figures that blending in the makeup will help ya blend into the crowd, well isn't it just the opposite sometimes....*sigh*
Wow... Okay, YOUR blog, not mine, haha...
Take care <3

Allerleirah said...

That's it exactly. Blend in, don't make waves, fly under the radar...

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. People read comments as well as the blog, so seeing someone else's two cents adds so much. :)