May 19, 2009

"Hairy Women"

I was doing some surfing and reading on shaving, but I got waylaid by this British documentary on women and their body hair. Despite the smattering of nudity, I would still rather embed it here than send you all links to it on YouTube where you'd be faced by the ignorant comments from others who've watched it, and associated videos that are not terribly documentary-like at all.

There's no illicit content but there is a little bit of frank talk of sex, so use your discretion before watching these. I know I understood all those words long before I was "of age." ;-)

None of it is really shocking, at least to me. But it's interesting to see hair removal explored in a documentary, from those who think "excess body hair" means any type of body hair that does not grow out of one's scalp, to the genuinely hirsute. They even had a model in there admitting to a little dark hair on her upper lip, and a ton of women sitting around a table all sharing the little extra bits of body hair they have to deal with. It really isn't all that rare, at all.

"Fiona's" story brought tears to my eyes. I can identify with hiding myself away to get better results from my hair removal method for a special occasion. And I'd thought of burning the skin on my face until the hair follicles are permanently damaged as well, if I'm honest. But she endures. And I thought it was fantastic that her fiance was more interested in how she felt about herself than how she looked for him. Big contrast to the other men in the video. I think that's something I want to talk about next week.

Whether the women had hair in places they could hide or not, none of them liked to look at it. It affected the way they felt about themselves. It may be sad to describe hairlessness as an intrinsic part of femininity, it's also true across the board. Could that even be changed?

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